Company’s file

2020-09-10 COMPANY 4021

Company’s file


Shandong Xianpuairui Science and Technology Co.,ltd ,locate in Moyan’s hometown of the first time winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in China-Gaomi,20km from qingdao new airport,is a new collection of biological research and development, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises,registered captical RMB 2.6 million,total investment RMB 280 million.Company have the international first-class biological R&D testing center and production base.The R&D center has strong research and development strength and advanced testing equipment,widely absorbs the high level scientific and technological personnel,form a professional talent team of multidisciplinary, multilevel.At the same time,Production base purchase advanced equipment.Now we have domestic leading Fermentation equipment, computer control system, and suitable for the separation of active product post-processing, drying and packing equipment and so on.Recently,Our workshop had passed National GMP authentication, can produce all kinds of medicine for livestock and poultry,,such as antibacterial drug, antiviral drug, insect-resistant, disinfection medicine, advanced probiotics(protein polypeptide), and so on.Based on the international cutting-edge biotechnology,our company have successively developed a series of biological protein products and probiotics products,such as biological protein- polypeptide,interferon,cordyceps polysaccharide,bursin tripeptide, bean bacillus and so on,these biological products can raise livestock and poultry immunity,antiviral, antibacterial,and without any drug-residue.And these biological products also can be used withdrawal time,its help many breeding group company resolve this issue of no drug use withdrawal time.


In order to increase company’s strength, the company has always been committed to the development of biological industry,constant innovation.And we do best just hope we can create a world-class biotechnology company, provide more quality products and services for global customers.